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Quality Job Searching

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One method many job searchers have used to secure their next job is to imitate the reproductive cycle of the common fungus. Consider this: if you put a piece of bread anywhere in the world, so long as it is damp and unrefrigerated, it is likely to grow mold and fungus. The air is so supersaturated with their spores that they will grow just about anywhere so long as the conditions are right. By analogy, then, some people use, CareerBuilder, etc., blasting everybody and anybody who will receive a resume.

This is not at all fun for those who actually have to sift through the scores of resumes and cover letters posted for each job. They will likely give your resume little attention, and you will ultimately make little progress towards what you actually want: decent gainful employment.

Consider another option. Rather than sending spores in every direction, ask yourself who you want to work with and why. Once you have determined the company you would like to work with, you can approach them in a more determined and careful manner, perhaps requesting more information about the company, the hiring staff, and even having coffee with an employee. Building such a rapport with the company, and expressing an interest in them personally, will make you stand out when it comes for them to hire. If you can network some connections with existing employees or hiring staff, then you’re gold — but this is unlikely to happen if you are simply blasting them with generic resumes.

At least do the research to discover some background of the company you are applying to. Ask yourself what they are seeking, what they want, rather than simply getting your name on their computer screen. They, after all, must invest in you to hire you: you have to be what they are looking for, otherwise they will pass you over without so much as a shrug.

For instance, if you have long admired XYZ company, sending a query into how their staff is structured might lead to some interesting conversations on where you can fit in. It could also give you an in on somebody to network with, share some coffee with, and to give your name some prominence.

Take the time, therefore, to research the companies where you intend to work. After all, if they hire you, you will be spending a lot of time with them. Best, then, to get a feel for who they are and what they are all about.

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Authored by: Harrison Barnes