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Running an Effective Meeting

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effective meetings

Summary: A good meeting energizes and leaves everyone in attendance feeling like something meaningful was accomplished.

The average person spends almost three hours a week in meetings. Meetings fill an increasing number of hours during the workday and most employees find them as a waste a time. No one likes to spend all day in a meeting only to have to return the next day because the first meeting didn’t accomplish anything. To prevent this from happening to a meeting that you are in charge of email the meeting’s agenda out a day in advance. When everyone has the agenda, they can come prepared with ideas, a pen and paper.

Nothing looks worse than the leader of the meeting being late. Arrive to your meeting place at least five minutes early. Start the meeting on time and end it on time as well.

Keep the meeting on topic by being brief but concise. Stop any side conversations or comments that do not help the meeting progress. Be respectful and do not allow interruptions when you or another person is talking. Don’t allow phones to be on or even in the room during meetings. They are a distraction for everyone. Get everyone involved so that one person isn’t monopolizing the meeting.

Within 24 hours send a follow-up email that highlights what was accomplished in the meeting. Include any responsibilities given out, tasks delegated, or assigned deadlines so that everyone is clear on what the meeting produced.


Running an Effective Meeting by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin