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Signs That Tell an Employee it is Time to Leave a Job for Greener Pastures

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Summary: If you have ever considered leaving your current job for a new one, take note of the signs discussed in this post that give warnings it is time to do so.

Being happy and content at work is not a negative thing, but for some it can mean a feeling of complacency. Working with a good group of people and receiving a nice paycheck might prevent you from moving on in your career or climbing the ladder as quickly as you possibly can. Many people struggle with moving on to a new job because they have been out of the market for too long or they do not know where to begin their job search. If you witness any of the signs outlined in this post, it is probably time to move-on from your current job.

Bosses Provide Zero Feedback

If you notice that feedback has been few and far between at the office, it could be a major sign that you need to move-on from your current job. Even if you are receiving feedback, but is is very generic, it means that the management team does not view you as someone who can climb the corporate ladder with the company. Generic feedback will also prevent you from making any changes to how you operate at work.

Lack of a Promotion

If you have been with the same company for at least three years and have yet to earn a promotion or advance further up the ladder, then this is a sign that you need to move to a new company.

Failure to Learn on the Job

As you continue to go to work each day, but fail to learn, then it is time to move to a new company. Another sign, in this same category, is that you are not feeling challenged by the work you are doing. When challenges disappear or the learning curve is gone from your job, then it is time to make a move.

Constant Restructuring at the Office

If the company at which you are employed continues to announce restructuring of management or departments, then it is a sign that it might be time to look elsewhere for employment. This could mean that the company has shaky leadership or that the direction of the organization is not yet clear.

Many Employees Leaving

As more and more employees continue to leave the company, yet you remain, take a long look at what is happening and begin to search for a new job. If the strongest employees around you are constantly complaining or leaving the company, then it is time to move your career to a new location.

Headhunters are Calling

If headhunters from staffing firms or other companies are contacting you, and you continue to stay, then you are missing out on incredible opportunities for advancement in your career.

If you see any of these signs at work, it means that you should begin to look for employment elsewhere, especially if you get the feeling that it is time to leave. Browse the thousands of jobs available at Granted today to find your next job.

Signs That Tell an Employee it is Time to Leave a Job for Greener Pastures by
Authored by: Jim Vassallo