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How to Motivate Yourself and Those Who Spend Time With You

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Summary: If you need help motivating yourself, and those around you, make sure you follow the tips outlined in this post so you can improve your career.

In order to as successful as possible at your job, you will need to have a ton of motivation. Your energy can dwindle and the spark can disappear when you get comfortable in your job and have been there for a while. Then, adversity could hit you at work, and the motivation really finds a way to leave you. We have put together a list of the top five ways to motivate yourself and everyone else around you on the job in this post.

Manage Energy and Not Time

One of the first tips here is to manage energy and not time. You need to figure out what activities during your day provide you with energy and which ones do not. Then, you can rearrange your day in an effort to build a new routine at work. Maybe you crash around 1pm each day because you drink a lot of caffeine in the morning or eat a lunch loaded with heavy carbs. If you determine this you will be able to change your drinking or eating habits to avoid the afternoon crash.

Come to Work with a Good Mood

It is best to always come to work in a good mood. The reason for this is that you will be more productive in what you do during the day. The dopamine levels in your brain increase when you are in a good mood. This, in turn, helps you have improved cognitive performance. When you have a boost in brain power, you will experience an increase in your productivity at the office and around the house.

Expand Capacity Like an Athlete

The next thing you must do is expand your capacity at work like an athlete does in the gym or on the field. Put together a list of things you need to get done and perform tasks in a burst of time. For example, spend a good 90 minutes working on a presentation for later in the week. Then, take about 15 minutes to cool down by taking a break or scheduling a meeting that can occur while going for a walk around the building.

Know Your Goal Orientation

You must also know what your goal orientation is if you want to motivate yourself at work. Those who are performance oriented will succeed more often when they strive for excellence using the skills they already have. Those who are mastery oriented want to learn new things.

Share Your Energy

Our fifth and final tip is to share the energy you have with those around you. When you share energy with others it will boost their energy and even increase your performance at the office. Those who share energy will have their ideas heard and acted upon more so than other workers.

How to Motivate Yourself and Those Who Spend Time With You by
Authored by: Jim Vassallo