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7 Tips to Do and Not Do During a Callback Interview

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Summary: We have put together the 7 most important things to do and not to do during a callback interview with a company when looking for a new job.

What should you do or not do during a callback interview for a job? Well, if you are searching for your first job, or have never received a callback, this article will help you immensely. We have seven very important things that you should absolutely do or absolutely avoid doing in a callback interview in this post. You can choose to follow them or ignore them, but we suggest you follow them if you want to succeed.

Never wear cologne or perfume

As a job candidate, you do not want to leave your scent behind following an interview. This will be detrimental to your success in landing the job. The only thing you need to do is shower and wear deodorant for the interview. Refrain from the perfume or cologne, especially since you do not know if the interviewer is allergic to any scents.

Wear a suit

Make a point to wear a suit. This should be the case even if the company claims it is a very casual workplace. Make sure you dress in business formal and not business casual for a callback interview. And, if you are unsure about an outfit, do not wear it to the callback.

Research person who is interviewing you

Do everything you can to find out ahead of time who will be interviewing you at the callback. This will help you immensely because you can perform a little research prior to the meeting. Go further than just the company bio provided on the website. Find out what they have achieved recently in their career so you can discuss it at the interview.

Ask questions and then even more questions

There is nothing wrong with asking questions during a callback. Even if you are repeating yourself in the questions you ask, always have questions at the ready. Never say you do not have anything you want to ask.

Be friendly

You need to treat everyone you meet during the callback the same. Be respectful to everyone you come across so you make a strong impression on the entire organization. You never know who might have input in the hiring decision.

Don’t ask boring or common questions

To piggy-back one of our earlier sections, you should not ask boring or common questions. Your questions need to be thoughtful and add to the discussion.

Always send a thank-you

It is nice to send a thank-you email when you return home following the callback, but this is not enough. You also must send a handwritten thank-you note to everyone you met along the way.

7 Tips to Do and Not Do During a Callback Interview by
Authored by: Jim Vassallo