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Tough Days at Work Don’t Have to Happen

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tough day at work

Summary: Getting through a tough day can feel impossible, but taking mental breaks and filling it with other fun things can make it a breeze.

Have you ever had one of those days at work that just never ends? You find yourself staring out the window more than your computer screen or glancing at the clock to expect an hour to have gone by to realize it’s only been ten minutes since the last time you looked. We have some tips for you to help you get through these tough days.

  1. If you find yourself having these sluggish days almost daily, it may be time to look for a new job that you love or at least find a project at your current job that you will enjoy doing. Finding new opportunities to learn or meet new people will help any day go by faster.
  2. Make a snack drawer in your desk with healthy treats that will boost your energy or at least give your mind a break for a few minutes.
  3. Take a mental break by having a five-minute conversation with another co-worker. For some of us, we spend most of the day alone in an office so having some human contact is important to refresh the day.
  4. Take a short walk to wake up your body and mind. You can make it a daily routine during your lunch break or as a reward for finishing a larger task.
  5. Look into the competition to gather ideas on how to keep your skills and company sharp and informed.
  6. Surround yourself with people you like. When you sit next to someone that complains all day or you just don’t like, the work day will feel never-ending.
  7. Focus on what you have completed and accomplished instead of how big your to-do list is. The more stress that builds up, the slower the day will feel.
  8. Listen to music with headphones when possible. Jamming to a song will help the time fly by. If you aren’t able to work while listening to music then take a break to listen to one song and then return back to work.
  9. Decorate your desk and office space with things that make you happy and smile. Your decorations need to remain professional but that doesn’t mean you can’t use your creativity to liven things up a bit.
  10. Sit someplace else at the office for a bit, assuming your work place allows for flexibility. A change in location can give you a fresh perspective.
  11. Create a reward for yourself for the end of the week. Try setting five goals on Monday that you want to accomplish by Friday. If you are able to accomplish the goals, then have a reward in place as a way of celebrating.


Tough Days at Work Don't Have to Happen by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin