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Body Language That Can Help You Succeed at the Office

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Summary: There is a litany of body language that can help you succeed at the office and we will provide you with some of the most common ones in this post.

Body language is one of the most important aspects of life today, both personally and professionally. You need to master the art of body language if you want to be successful on the job. Body language can hurt or help your career, so be sure to follow the tips outlined in this post if you want to succeed at the office.

How to Present a Pitch

One of the most important parts of the business world today is being able to make a presentation or pitch an idea to the boss or a client. There are three important tips that you need to follow in this segment. Those include moving closer to the audience instead of the slides during important parts of the presentation, avoid looking at the screen during the presentation and focus on the audience throughout the presentation.

How to Run a Team of Workers

When you are put in charge of a team of people, you need to be dominating, but not overly aggressive. You do not want to alienate any of your co-workers simply because you are now in charge of the team. The body language for this task includes keeping your head high, keeping your shoulders back, not slumping or slouching, leaning forward when speaking and leaning back when you want members of the team to talk.

How to Encourage Another Person to Speak

If you want someone else on your team or in your office to speak, you need to know the body language for this task. The body language for this includes moving towards them, making sure your faces are aligned, nod accordingly and smile when they are speaking. You also need to display positive body language when they speak so they do not feel unwelcome.

How to Speak with a Client

If you are speaking with clients for the first time, you should follow the body language discussed in this segment if you want to succeed. The body language you should display in front of a client includes paying attention, making eye contact, smiling, nodding frequently, not interrupting, no personal grooming and speak about common interests.

How to Handle an Angry Co-Worker

If you ever get into a conflict with a co-worker you will need to know how to use body language to get out of the situation. This includes spreading your arms out at least one foot from your waist while keeping your palms down. You also need to listen carefully and reflect emotions.

Disagree Without Making an Enemy

There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with a co-worker or a supervisor. But, you must know how to do so without making enemies at the office. This can be done by raising your eyebrows to show you are receiving the other person’s message, smile and nod often and make physical contact in a non-violent manner.

How to Request a Raise

The first thing you need to do here is mirror the actions and body language of the boss. Then, you must sit or stand still unless you are nodding. Give your boss all of your attention and keep your body and head pointed towards him or her to show interest.

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Authored by: Jim Vassallo