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How to Be an Indispensable Employee

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valued employee

Summary: An indispensable employee will make it through the hard times at the company. Learn how to be one of those employees in order to keep your job.

The job market is ever changing. Companies are merging, going under, and just starting, all of which makes them vulnerable to high employee turnover rates.

In order to make sure you are an employee worth keeping around, follow these tips:

  • While we may want to know how to do everything, stick to what you know best. Build up those skills in what you already know to be the best in your field. This includes staying current on any advances in the field. Share your knowledge with your boss so that they can see your dedication and smarts.
  • Get to know your company’s customers and what they want from the product/service. When all members of a team can work together toward customer satisfaction, then success will follow.
  • With more and more multi-tasking in our everyday responsibilities, watch for the details. When an employee doesn’t need tons of corrections done, they are more valuable. Your boss and co-workers will also respect your high quality of work.
  • Go beyond just being to work on time. Be the team-player that is there when things are tough and no one else wants to step up.
  • Be a leader at events by taking the lead at places like trade association meetings, updating the website or hosting education events for the community. When the company’s name is linked to events, your boss will know you are serious about your career.


How to Be an Indispensable Employee by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin