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What Drink Brings Creativity to Your World?

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Summary: Have you ever wondered what type of drink brings creativity to your world? If so, we will discuss the topic in this post.

What type of drink do you think makes you the most creative? We are going to compare beer to coffee in this post and how it helps or hinders your creativity at work.


When you drink beer, the alcohol makes you feel less focused, but it also frees your brain from the distractions that usually live in it.

When your brain reaches a blood alcohol content level of 0.07, you become more creative. This blood alcohol content level occurs when you drink two beers.

Alcohol helps to free your brain from the worry of everything else around you, which releases your inhibitions and can help you be more creative.

Too much alcohol will cause you to forget things and causes you to have less focus.

Believe it or not, beer is actually good when you need to kickstart an idea that you just cannot get off the ground and running.


Coffee, as we all know, helps to give you more energy so long as you are drinking caffeinated coffee.

The effects of coffee kicks in after just five minutes, which gives you a better ability to focus and more energy.

The bad here is that the more you drink coffee, the higher of a tolerance you will develop. This requires you to drink more to get the same feeling.

Coffee is the perfect drink to have when you are having trouble focusing on an idea you have already created.

What Drink Brings Creativity to Your World? by
Authored by: Jim Vassallo