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The Best Tips for Your LinkedIn Profile for a Job Seeker

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Summary: Your LinkedIn profile is very important during a job search today, which is why you need to follow the tips outlined in this post to be successful.

It can be very easy to ignore your LinkedIn profile when you are not in the middle of a job search. This is why you need to keep it updated as often as possible. Even though you might not be actively searching for a new job, someone could stumble upon your profile, see that it is incomplete, and move on to someone else. That person might have been a hiring manager looking for someone to bring into their organizational ranks.

Use a Custom URL

Your LinkedIn profile should have a custom URL. It should not be anything dramatic or fancy, just a url with your name in it. This gets your profile noticed easier and helps people remember who they are searching for on the social network.

Use a Professional Photo

You must absolutely use a professional photo on your LinkedIn profile. The picture should include only you and you should be well-groomed and in business attire.

Use Numbers

Your LinkedIn profile should have numbers in it when you discuss previous work experience. The numbers help to quantify what it is you achieved at previous jobs. Numbers help employers understand what it is you will be able to do for them if hired.

Never Use Buzzwords

You should stay away from using buzzwords as much as possible on a LinkedIn profile. Be creative in the words you use in your profile so that employers come across your profile much easier.

First Person is Key

Using first person on a resume is a major no-no, but doing so on your LinkedIn profile is absolutely fine. This is your online presence, and even though it serves as an online resume, it is still fine to write in the first person on LinkedIn.

List a Current Job Even if Unemployed

Even if you are unemployed, make sure you list a current job on your LinkedIn profile. Your profile will not be picked up in most searched conducted by employers if you do not list a current job. You can create a dummy job using the title of the job you currently seek and put something like “in transition” in the job description section.

Use Multimedia

LinkedIn has a great multimedia feature for its users profiles. If you are a photographer, add pictures to your profile. If you create videos, add videos to your profile on LinkedIn.

Include Volunteer Work

Always include volunteer work performed in your LinkedIn profile. This shows employers that you are dedicated to your community and that you like helping others.

Manage Endorsements

Endorsements are another great feature of the LinkedIn profile, but make sure they do not overtake your profile.

The Best Tips for Your LinkedIn Profile for a Job Seeker by
Authored by: Jim Vassallo