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What Habits Do Highly Successful Employees Have?

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How to Get Consulting Jobs and What it is Like Being a Consultant

Summary: Have you ever wondered what makes some people so incredibly successful? Well, the answer would be the habits outlined in this post.

We have put together a list of the 47 habits of successful workers in this post for you to enjoy. Take a look and see if these are any habits you are accustomed to doing during your workday. If we missed anything, leave us a note in the comments section.

  1. Have the ability to speak up in meetings.
  2. Think about skills needed for their next job to plan ahead.
  3. Dress for the job they want to obtain.
  4. Know how to communicate with higher-level management.
  5. Introduce themselves to higher-level management.
  6. Zero panic when alone with the CEO in an elevator or break room.
  7. Seek opportunities to be a leader.
  8. Know how to take charge of a situation or project.
  9. Can make friends or allies throughout the company.
  10. Always remain professional.
  11. Provide others with full attention.
  12. Always arrive on time.
  13. Take note of their accomplishments.
  14. Ability to think like a manager and not like an employee.
  15. Communicate their accomplishments.
  16. Watch others who get promoted and make mental notes.
  17. Focus on results and not activities.
  18. Never compare themselves to others in the office.
  19. Listen to and use feedback.
  20. Help whenever they can.
  21. Problem solvers.
  22. Stay clear of office gossip.
  23. Able to point out inefficiencies within the office.
  24. Still hang around office politics.
  25. Keep tabs on individual parts of the company.
  26. Keep tabs on the company as a whole.
  27. Want to learn.
  28. Ability to socialize.
  29. Ability to remain positive.
  30. Take note of body language.
  31. No problems with pressure.
  32. Know how to pitch ideas correctly.
  33. Never over-apologize.
  34. Look calm and collected when they are not.
  35. Seek opportunities to advance.
  36. Ability to own up to mistakes made.
  37. Never worry about perfection.
  38. Take on opportunities that scare them.
  39. Never say yes to everything.
  40. Not afraid to request help.
  41. Always thinking about their career.
  42. Know what is needed for them to produce their best work.
  43. Know what they must work on to improve.
  44. Enjoy their job.
  45. Never stop reaching for the sky.
  46. Know how to ask for what they want.
  47. Read the Granted blog for daily career advice.
What Habits Do Highly Successful Employees Have? by
Authored by: Jim Vassallo