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Common Jobs in the Geography Industry

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Summary: We have compiled a list of the most common jobs in the geography industry in this post so you can begin a job search today.

Have you ever wanted to work in the geography industry? Well, we have put together a list of the most common jobs within the industry. We hope this guide will help you find a geography job either right out of college or if you want to switch employers.

Urban Planner

An urban planner is responsible for land use, city zoning, new developments and much more within the community. As an urban planner you will be working with developers, commercial property owners, individual property owners, townships and other officials.

GIS Specialist

GIS Specialists are used by county agencies, city governments, and private groups. You will need to have extensive coursework in this area and even hold an internship to make a splash. You should also have some engineering or computer programming skills.


Cartographers are used to produce maps for various entities such as the news media, atlas publishers, book publishers, academia and government agencies.


A climatologist will need to have some background or experience in meteorology, sometimes a degree is even required. These professionals work with weather forecasters at the Weather Channel, the National Weather Service and other news media to help with issues regarding the climate.

Environmental Management

A person who works in environmental management will write environmental reports and help with the development of projects for cities, counties and states.

Transportation Management

Strong analytical and computer skills are required to work as in transportation management. These professionals are hired by state, county and local government agencies on a regular basis.


A demographer is hired to help state and federal governments determine population for specific areas. You could even work for the United State Census Bureau if you love demographics.

Emergency Management

Some of the best emergency managers are geographers because they understand the impact of the environment on humans, they know hazards and they know how to read maps.

Real Estate Appraiser

Real estate appraiser help to determine the value of a piece of property, either with a structure on it or empty. This is where geography comes into play. This field uses not only geography, but also finance, economics, law and environmental planning.

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Authored by: Jim Vassallo