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Interview Mistakes That Can Cost you the Job Offer

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Summary: As you prepare to attend another job interview, make sure you do not make any of the mistakes listed in this post or you could hurt your chances at receiving an offer.

Do you have a job interview scheduled for the near future? If so, you really need to read this article and take notes. We have put together a very important list that discusses the top mistakes people make during a job interview that hurts their chances at receiving a job offer.

How First Impressions are Determined

Making a good first impression is very important for a job interview. You have a matter of seconds to make a good impression on everyone you meet at the company, which is why this section is very important. Research shows us the following:

– 55 percent of first impressions are based on how you dress, how you walk through the door and how you act

– 38 percent of first impressions are based on your confidence, your grammar usage and the quality of your voice

– 7 percent of first impressions are based on the words you say during the introduction

What Impacts a First Impression

Have you ever wondered what impacts a first impression? Well, a survey of companies found the following:

– 70 percent of employers have said that they do not want to meet someone who is trendy or overly fashionable

– 65 percent of employers have said that the clothes worn by candidates can be the deciding factor between who to hire

Most Common Interview Mistakes

The top 10 most common interview mistakes are as follows:

  1. Explaining too in-depth as to how or why you lost your previous job
  2. Showing that you are still stuck on your previous job
  3. Lacking personality, warmth or humor
  4. Failing to show interest in the job
  5. Failure to research the employer
  6. Showing too much interest on what you are looking for from the company
  7. Trying to be everything to everyone
  8. “Winging it”
  9. Failure to stand out from the pack
  10. Failure to flat-out ask for the job

Common Nonverbal Job Interview Mistakes

The following is a list of the most common nonverbal mistakes made during job interviews:

  • 67 percent of candidates fail to make eye contact
  • 47 percent of candidates do not know enough about the company
  • 38 percent of candidates fail to smile
  • 33 percent of candidates have poor posture
  • 33 percent of candidates are too fidgety
  • 26 percent of candidates do not have a strong handshake
  • 21 percent of candidates play with their hair
  • 21 percent of candidates cross their arms in front of their chest
  • 9 percent of candidates talk too much with their hands

If you have made any of these mistakes in the past, make it a point to avoid them in your next job interview.

Interview Mistakes That Can Cost you the Job Offer by
Authored by: Jim Vassallo