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Have the Courage to Take Opportunity

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We might not want to admit it to ourselves, but sometimes the real reason we don’t try for a promotion or seek the better job is a deep fear of the unknown. We are, after all, comfortable where we are at. The current job might not allow us to grow. We might be stilted. Like a hermit crab that has outgrown its shell, we must decide to risk the familiar comfort and dare to try something we’ve never tried before, to take a job or assignment that is completely beyond what we are familiar with. It is such moments of success or failure, where we do not at all really know if we can succeed where we can truly grow as workers, truly grow as human beings.

What is life, after all, but a maturation, a growing of our capacity to work, to endure more stress, to put off satisfaction until later. If we fail to take these opportunities, fail to mature, we can indeed remain comfortable, and safe, but we will feel the sort of things all cowards feel: boredom and guilt.

Only weak people cite their failures as an excuse not to try. Only the coward counts the possibility of failure as convincing discouragement. Let yourself fail. Let yourself try something you can’t at all do. When looking for a new job, don’t settle down for the sure thing, the laid out plan where you can’t possibly lose. The sure thing offers no glory, no chance for what you, as a human being, need, profound failures and profound successes.

You might object that you are not working for yourself alone, that people depend on you, coworker, family, friends, that you can’t let them down. This is true, you don’t burst into a reckless scheme. However, if you keep a wise eye on what is reckless, and what is heroic, you will know that courage can handle much more than prudence might admit. Courage can win battles, and this is good not only for yourself, building your capacity for struggle, your capacity to improve, but it will make you an inspiration for your family and friends: you do it for them too.

What we can’t do for ourselves, we can do for others. Consider who believes in you, who respects you; consider also that you believe in yourself, respect yourself. Those give you a firm basis to try, ground from which to leap, a starting point from which to fly.

What truly matters is that you use the courage to grow, to expand and mature as a worker, as a spouse, as a parent, that you use your boldness to recognize true opportunities, and that you foster the fight in your heart to try your best. Having done that, you can’t fail, for failure is only the first step towards succcess. You will have poured your heart in trying a new thing. That is success already. If you keep trying, the world will bend, fate will bend: you will have done it, you will have gained the courage and pride as a man or woman who can face life, all of life, and remain undaunted.

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Have the Courage to Take Opportunity by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes