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What is the PADI Divemaster Course?

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Summary: Have you ever wondered what the PADI Divemaster course is? Well, we have an in-depth guide to the course in this post in case you are considering a career change.

If you have ever wanted to become a professional diver, then the PADI Divemaster course might be the perfect course for you to enroll in and study for that career change. Anyone who is certified as a PADI Divemaster will be able to dive by themselves, assist instructors or guide certified divers. The program is flexible, which means that you will be able to take the course on your own time.

Object of the Course

The object of the PADI Divemaster course is to teach those who are already skilled divers how to become dive leaders. Those who take the course will learn how to understand PADI programs and then apply their skills as professionals.


To train and learn for PADI courses, divers can choose one of two routes; the traditional route and the e-learning route. The traditional route allows you the chance to read manuals, watch videos and attend presentations from instructors. The e-learning route lets students learn the PADI programs on their own time, on the PADI website.

Practical Skills Needed to Become a PADI Divemaster

You will need the following practical skills if you want to become a certified PADI Divemaster:

– Develop rescue skills

– Develop the skills of regulator recovery and mask clearing

– Display an understanding of the role of the divemaster and showing an ability to be a mentor to students

– Ability to perform a tired diver tow and a 400 meter swim

– Ability to map dive sites, provide dive briefings and develop search and recovery efforts.

– Ability to show deep diving skills

– Assisting student divers in their training and guiding certified divers

Evaluation of Divemaster Practical Skills

To evaluate a potential divemaster, he or she must have their practical skills tested. These tests include the following:

  1. The candidate for divemaster helps an instructor with the initial water training of student divers in a pool or shallow water site.
  2. The candidate for divemaster will help an instructor during dive students’ first open water dives.
  3. The candidate for divemaster must help the instructor assist students in acquiring their advanced or rescue courses.
  4. The candidate for divemaster must be able to demonstrate the ability to independently guide certified divers in open waters.

Many PADI Divemaster courses can be completed in the span of 1-3 months time, but there are some courses offered in smaller amounts of time.

What is the PADI Divemaster Course? by
Authored by: Jim Vassallo