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Top 4 Tips for Starting a Career in Hollywood

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Summary: If you have ever wanted to work in Hollywood, then you need to know how difficult the industry is to break into these days. This post has tips to make it happen.

Finding work in Hollywood is incredibly difficult because there are thousands of people competing for the same job. Whether you want to work in pre-production, post-production, sound, lighting, casting or script-writing; the industry is ultra-competitive. You need to know what it takes to begin a career in Hollywood, which is what we will discuss in this post.

Work for an Agency

One of the first steps you should take, with or without a degree, is to work for an agency. There are many producers, directors and studios that will not hire an employee if he or she has not worked for an agency. The longer you work in an agency, the more you will learn about the industry and the more people you will meet. Networking is a major part of working for an agency because you will be able to introduce yourself to various levels of employees. You might meet agents for actors, producers, graphic designers, writers and many other professionals while working in an agency.

Find an Internship 

Hollywood employers love free labor, which is why internships are so popular within the industry. Most internships are unpaid, but you might still be able to earn credit towards your degree if you are still in school. Obtaining an internship is one of the best ways to get your foot in the door. Now, even though you are working for free, it does not mean that you should miss deadlines or be lazy. If you truly want to work in Hollywood, you need to put your best foot forward and provide high-quality work all the time to make a name for yourself.

Be Persistent

Persistence pays off in any industry, but it is especially true in Hollywood. Spend each day in Hollywood working towards your goals. Whether this includes introducing yourself to someone new, sending emails, writing letters or submitting resumes to studios; the more persistent you are, the more likely it is that you will be able to land a job.

Be Patient

It is very rare for someone to move to Hollywood and be handed a director’s job or on-screen job the minute they arrive. You might think you know everything there is to know about the industry after a year or two at a job, but this cannot be further from the truth. As with all types of jobs, you should always learn something new in order to make yourself valuable to an employer. Success does not happen overnight, which is why you must be as patient as possible when in Hollywood.

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Authored by: Jim Vassallo