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Steps to Start a Successful Wedding Planner Business

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Summary: Planning weddings may seem like fun, but there is a lot to be said about working with brides and their wedding parties to ensure you keep a successful business running.

There is something about planning weddings that has made 10,000 individuals think they have what it takes to plan a spectacular event for a couple to remember for years to come. Maybe it is the fact that to be a wedding planner you just need to purchase a business license and some business cards. There are no national requirements or regulations for certifications to make someone qualified. There are courses and seminars you can attend to learn more about the business. To be a successful wedding planner, you have to build a strong client base since most business is generated by referrals from previous clients that were pleased with your work. In order to be a successful wedding planner, follow these tips to get started.

Register your business with a name that is professional yet creative. Create business cards, a webpage, a Facebook page, and any other forms of advertising you can think of to promote your business. You may need to start out by doing a wedding for free to get your client base going. Use a professional photographer to get pictures to use on your webpage. Once your business is rolling, you can set up an office and hire more employees to generate more revenue.

Use the services of an attorney to protect you and your property from any loss due to accidents or litigations. A legal contract will help you make sure you get paid and not sued. Insurance is also important to protect your assets.

Register with reputable associations so that you can remain in the loop with new wedding trends. If you are still in college take business management, hospitality, and marketing courses. These classes will help you get prepared for promoting and running your own business. Look into working for or interning with a wedding planner, florist, caterer, hotel or bridal shop to learn more about the ins and outs of the industry.

Planning weddings is not a party. It is hard and very stressful to work with brides and their families to plan an event that runs smoothly and without incident. There is a great deal of tact needed to provide the wedding party with whatever they want, even if you don’t agree with their ideas. You are planning their wedding, not your own.

Take a look at established wedding planner jobs if you are not ready to start out on your own yet.


Steps to Start a Successful Wedding Planner Business by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin