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Seven Perfect Careers for Perfectionists

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Seven Perfect Careers for Perfectionists

If success at life meant being faultless, we’d all be failures. Fortunately, leading a happy life does not require you to be a god. Your quirks and hang-ups may annoy your friends and family, but they may nevertheless work to your advantage. If, for instance, you are a perfectionist, don’t worry: there are other perfectionists out there whom you can date. What’s more, your obsessive attention to detail, though it may annoy your neighbors or your waiter, can be a great asset for landing you the right job. Some jobs need people like you, with a careful eye, a keen perception of detail. Consider some of the following.


Businesses and individuals need a clean record when it comes to expenditure and taxes. Not only could they be audited, but they also want to make sure there are no small bleeds in their system. They need accountants to keep them accountable. Such people keep abreast of the myriad laws on how to manage those nickels and dimes. If you are keen on numbers and setting up balance sheets, you could thrive in this job.

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Airline Pilot

Certainly there is a lot of anxiety regarding air-traffic lately. It is a big responsibility ensuring passengers are safe and secure. You must monitor delicate equipment to ensure the plane is well maintained. Pre-flight checks require an austere and exact survey of all the stats and specs.

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Computer Programmer

Computer programming requires many difficult and respectable virtues, such has having a logical mindset, and also having the ability to transform your goals into a “language” computers can turn into a program. What is maddening about computers, unlike people, is that your language must be exact. If there is any mistake, your program won’t work right. Writing clean code and spending hours upon hours of debugging is a necessary part of the creative process – and if you are the sort of person who finds this thing an adventure, rather than torture, you might love this job.

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Court Reporter

Since you are creating a record that will be referred to by the judge and the opposing counsels, people very interested in exact transcripts with few mistakes, exactitude is beauty. You must have good ears and the speed to transcribe what you hear into written records. If your ears hear everything with painfully exact detail, consider getting into this job.

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Being an editor means being meticulous, of course. Not only must you have good taste in literature, in order to know what an audience will like, but as far as proofreading goes you must be able to spot all blatant mistakes, as well as the subtle ones. Thus not only must you have taste, but you must have a refined sensitivity for small errors in text.

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Laboratory Technologist

Science is unforgiving. If you make a mistake you can’t fudge it. When looking at specimens and doing cell counts, you must be exact. Carefulness in labeling samples and transcribing results is necessary for this job, so if you have the conscience of a machine, minding every detail without fault, you will thrive in this job.

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If you give out the wrong medication, in the wrong dosage, to the wrong person, the consequences could be dire. You must have a sharp recall of what drugs interact poorly, and also know what symptoms and side-effects to warn patients about. Since the health of those taking medication is in your hands, you will have a responsibility you can take pride in.

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Authored by: Daniel June