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What Are the Worst Things a Boss Can Ask Employees to Do?

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Summary: If you are a boss, there are specific things that you should never ask your employees to do. Learn what these are in this article.

Working as a supervisor or a department manager can be difficult and stressful. No matter how difficult work gets as a supervisor, you should never ask your employees to do any of the things discussed in this post. Bosses know which tasks are out of the norm, but there are some that are not so obvious, which can make life as a leader very difficult.

Never Pressure Employees to Donate

Companies have favorite charities that they like to submit donations to annually, but bosses should never force their employees to take part. Not every employee will be able to afford to make donations to charities. When you encourage 100 percent participation in a fundraising event, it puts a lot of unwelcome pressure on your employees, who might be donating on their own to a charity of their choice.

Force Employees to Self-Evaluate

Employees should never be asked to evaluate themselves because it is a waste of time. Strong employees tend to rate themselves with a high score while poor employees will not grade themselves harshly. Because of this, employees miss a perfect opportunity for improvement. Instead of having employees evaluate themselves, ask them what they need from management to help them succeed even more on the job.

Offer Personal Information

Another bad idea that a boss should never do is ask an employee to reveal personal information during a meeting. Many bosses believe that when employees know personal details about each other, they will work better as a team. This is not the case. Companies have no right to know the personal details of their employees and should never ask. Companies should only be focused on performance and that is it.

Evaluate Co-Workers

We already discussed performing self evaluations and we will now move to evaluating co-workers. A boss should never ask an employee to evaluate a co-worker. It can be difficult enough to work with peers, which is why no employee should ever be asked to then evaluate that co-worker. This will only cause a problem in the workplace. Your employee will either issue a high rating to avoid a problem with the co-worker, or truly speak their mind and then have a terrible relationship with their co-worker.

Attend Social Gatherings

Social gatherings out of the office are scheduled to help employees bond with each other. They should never be forced to attend these events. Social events should never be made mandatory by a company because this will create a negative culture in the office. There are some people out there who simply do not want to socialize with co-workers outside of the office. This is absolutely fine and must be respected by the company.

What Are the Worst Things a Boss Can Ask Employees to Do? by
Authored by: Jim Vassallo