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Give Emails a Proper Subject Line to Get Attention

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Email subject line

Summary: Emails with boring and uninformative subject lines will go to the back of the line to be read when compared to emails with subject lines that grab the reader’s attention.

What happens when your person of contact receives hundreds of emails each day? They quickly skim the subject lines to determine what is important and what is not. What happens if your subject line is poorly written? It gets passed over and your point of emailing that person is deemed unimportant even when it isn’t.

To prevent this from happening to your emails ever again, follow these tips to make your subject lines catchy.

“Can We Set Up a Meeting?” – This subject line clearly lets the reader know what the topic of the email is about and is a call to action. The email should only require a short reply so they will feel they can quickly take care of it before moving on.

“Quick Question…” – This one also gives the impression that the email is short and can quickly be taken care of. Don’t take advantage of their curiosity by making the body of the email lengthy.

“This Has the Attention of 30 Million Users…” – Do not necessarily use this exact line for the subject but something along the same point. The line makes a promise about the reader’s time being well spent by reading the email and the subsequent article.

“Quick CES Idea + See You There?” – The + in this subject immediately tells the reader that there are two topics in the email. The first part of the subject is about a professional idea related to an upcoming conference and the second part is about checking to see if they are going to the conference.

“Zirtual Alternative…” – The subject of this email is an example of using part of an article or piece the reader wrote and suggesting you have another view or thought on it. A reader will always be engaged when they receive an email that deals with their own work but with a twist.


Give Emails a Proper Subject Line to Get Attention by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin