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Are You Ruining Your Reputation at the Office?

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Summary: If you are feeling the cold shoulder at work, it might be your own fault. We will discuss reasons how you could be ruining your reputation at work in this post.

Have you been getting the cold shoulder at work? If so, you might have caused the problem on your own. Maybe your body language changed. Maybe you mouthed off to someone in the office. Maybe you failed to deliver on a promise you made. All of these are issues that could have ruined your reputation at the office. It will take you years to build a reputation of being trustworthy and dependable, but it can take just a matter of minutes to ruin it completely.

Failing to Deliver on a Promise

We have been told since our youth that we should never make a promise that we cannot keep. As silly as this sounds, it is very important in the business world. Never promise to complete a project by a set date or offer help to a co-worker on a presentation if you have no intentions of following through on those promises. It will only hurt your reputation as someone who is reliable.

Telling Lies

As bad as it is to lie on your resume, it is much worse to lie at work. Even little white lies can ruin your reputation. There is no reason to tell anyone a lie at the office, whether that person is a co-worker, a subordinate or a supervisor. Always tell the truth and you will get further in life and in your career.

Blaming Others

Whether or not something was your fault, there is no reason to blame others around you. Even if something has gone wrong with a project, you should not be the first one to offer up who failed. This will only hurt your reputation and your relationship with those who work in your department.

Disrespecting Others

Respecting everyone in your office is tantamount to having a successful career. When you bully co-workers, gossip about them or even talk down to them to their face, you will ruin your reputation. The more respect you give, the more respect you will earn in return.

Failing to Work in a Team

One of the most important parts of working in an office is being able to work as part of a team. Failing to do so will not only hurt your reputation, but it could also cost you the job.

Calling Out During an Important Meeting or Project

If your company is preparing for a major pitch to a potential client and you are part of the project, you might want to refrain from taking vacation time or calling out sick. Unless you are truly sick, avoid using sick days during this time of year.

Are You Ruining Your Reputation at the Office? by
Authored by: Jim Vassallo