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How to Survive Boring Meetings

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Summary: Meetings can be the most boring part of the day, but there are things you can do to make the best of them.

Work meetings are a part of life; you can’t escape them no matter how hard you might try. While we hope that most of your meetings are productive and interesting, there are bound to a good amount that leaves you wanting to rip your hair out. In order to survive those boring meetings, we have gathered some tips to help you make it through.

Running an Effective Meeting

While a lot of focus may be placed on not falling asleep or appearing obviously disinterested, you can place some concentration on getting ready for your next meeting. Take notes on your laptop or pad of paper with ideas. You can work on the meeting agenda, run through topics that need to be addressed, or brainstorm ideas on how to run effective meetings for the future.

Now is a great time to work on your to-do list. You can rearrange your current one or create one if you have not yet done one for the day, week, or month.

If you are allowed to have your laptop during the meeting, pretend to be taking notes while actually getting some other work done. This will require you to sit someplace that the speaker can’t see your screen either directly or through a reflection so beware of windows and mirrors. You also don’t want others to be able to see your screen so apply privacy screen filters to help reduce those chances.

If all else fails, get involved in the meeting and do your best to make it worthwhile. There may actually be important issues that you need to be aware of that you would have missed if not paying attention.


How to Survive Boring Meetings by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin