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5 Bad Habits That Can Lead to Termination

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Summary: In this post we will discuss five common bad habits that can lead to termination so you know how to behave at the office and keep your dream job.

We are so accustomed to using social media, watching videos on our phones and answering emails throughout the day that it can become difficult to refrain from doing all of this while at work. But, doing any of these things while at work can lead to your termination. These are just some things that can get you fired. We will discuss five of the most common bad habits that can send you to the unemployment line in this post.

Abusing Benefits Provided by the Company

There are some companies that offer their employees discounts, gift cards or other benefits that can be used in local businesses. One surefire way to get yourself fired is by selling these benefits to family members, friends or acquaintances. Some companies will monitor sites where you can sell goods to make sure their employees are not selling the benefits for your personal gain.

Misusing Social Media

Another way to get fired from your job is by misusing social media. This can be done in multiple ways, with the first coming on the job. If the company policy says no social media use while in the office, then you should not send tweets, post to Facebook or put pictures on Instagram when at work. The other way to get fired using social media is by complaining about clients on your social media accounts, badmouthing a boss or co-worker on social media or posting pictures of work events without permission.

Watching Adult Content on the Job

Whether you are using your own phone or tablet, or using the company-issued computer, you will definitely be fired if caught watching adult content while on the job. Even if you are watching adult content on a company-issued computer while out of the office, you are not safe. This is still a fireable offense.

Partaking in Legal Drugs Outside of Work

The states of Washington and Colorado have legalized marijuana. Oregon and Alaska followed suit this past week in the mid-term elections. But, if you smoke marijuana in a legal state, you can still get fired from your job if you are subjected to a random drug test at work and the test comes back positive.

Using Work Email for Personal Matters

Work email is not private. This means that you can be fired for using the email client at work to tend to personal matters. If you use the company email to send out resumes, then you will have plenty of time to look for that job since you will lose your current one.

5 Bad Habits That Can Lead to Termination by
Authored by: Jim Vassallo