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What Kind of Employee Are You?

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Summary: Employees that are seen as valuable will have the best chances of success. Turn yourself into a great employee worth keeping around.

There are average employees and great employees. Which employee you are will play a big role in how you progress in the company. Leadership, initiative, flexibility, attitude and motivation play a big part for an employee to stand out as great.

Good employees are not necessarily bad employees. They will get the job done in a timely manner and will perform tasks assigned to them, but doing more makes a great employee valuable. Make yourself a valuable employee by understanding the differences and making changes to your everyday activities.

Good employees:

– come to work just to collect a paycheck

– have no desire to learn new things

– don’t read

– resist change

– don’t plan

– blame or justify their actions

– are only motivated out of fear

– have poor health habits

– don’t contribute new ideas

– enjoy wasting time

– are poor teammates

– are a drag to be around


Great employees

– love doing great work

– are constant learners

– read regularly

– embrace change

– plan for success

– take responsibility of their actions

– are motivated by a sense of excellence

– have great health habits

– are idea machines

– hate wasting time

– are great team members

– are fun to be around

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What Kind of Employee Are You? by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin