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Drinking Standards for Each Industry

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drinking at work

Summary: When the alcohol comes out at work, don’t starting throwing back shots like there is no tomorrow, but you should already know that, so here are some other guidelines.

Drinking with co-workers can open up a can of worms. There are the common don’ts when it comes to happy hour at the office like drinking too much but there are other rules that you probably aren’t aware of. For some industries, the lack of drinking will alienate you from the team whereas other industries place very little importance on drinking. There may be some exceptions depending on what industry you work in, but these are the general rules to follow for each industry.

Fashion – The fashion industry can be a tough industry to crack. Those in the industry can be cliquey and exclusive so going out with the girls for some cocktails may help you break that barrier. Building a relationship with colleagues can help them want to collaborate with you.

Finance – Those in the finance industry know how to work and play hard. According to a study, drinking can elevate one’s social status at work. Drinking with colleagues after work is more a given event to happen every Friday night.

Media & PR – Whether you are writing or representing brands, you will often receive freebies. Many of these freebies will come from evenings at events where alcohol is provided for you. When you are on the PR side, drinking is also seen as sealing the deal. Not drinking can turn clients and colleagues off.

Medical & Wellness – While alcohol will be present at events, most will tend to stay away from it or only sip a small glass of wine. It will be more likely to toast an accomplishment over water or green juice.

Nonprofit – This industry puts their money is other places instead of having open bars. When alcohol is involved, generally you pay for it yourself so most tend to sip on a beer or glass of wine.

Tech – The Silicon Valley scene is famous for offices setup with bars, ping pong tables, and nap stations. Kegs are common features in office lounges and having an open bar at events is a must. Not drinking can hurt how people perceive you, such as being judgmental or not part of the team.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin