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How to Recover Quickly from a Bad Mistake at Work

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Summary: Have you recently made a bad mistake at work? If so, you need to follow the tips outlined in this post in order to recover quickly and improve your standing.

It is completely understandable that mistakes happen. But, when they happen at work, they are often magnified. Mistakes at work include missing a client meeting, forgetting about a presentation, losing important documents, talking inappropriately in front of the boss, mishandling company money and much more. We will discuss some very important steps to take in order to quickly recover from a bad mistake at work in this post.

Make No Excuses

If you have made a mistake at work, you must absolutely never make an excuse for the mistake. Own up to it so that the issue can be fixed as soon as possible. Never pass the blame onto co-workers or supervisors because this will hurt your reputation as a trustworthy employee. After you take responsibility for the mistake, you must also apologize for it happening in the first place. Make sure your employer knows that it was not malicious and that it truly was a mistake.

Keep Emotions in Check

Making a mistake at work can be one of the most emotional aspects of the job. You will have a fury of emotions running through you when a mistake happens, but you need to keep these in-check as much as possible. You might become overwhelmed with fear, embarrassment, anger or frustration when making a mistake at work. You need to take a couple of minutes to calm yourself down and keep these emotions to a minimum.

Limit the Damage

After you report the issue and manage your emotions, you need to limit the damage to as small of an error as possible. The longer you wait to fix the mistake, the worse it can become. A small mistake can turn into a major issue at the office if you fail to fix the problem immediately. By fixing the problem quickly, you will also show the company how you are holding yourself accountable for the situation.

Learn from the Mistake

There is some good that can come out of making a bad mistake at work and that is learning from the mistake. When mistakes happen, it is best to take note of what went wrong and how you fixed it. The best way we can improve is to learn from our mistakes so they do not happen again in the future.

Mistakes will happen on the job. What you do after the mistake happens makes all the difference. If you follow the tips outlined in this post, you should have no trouble recovering from a bad mistake at work.

How to Recover Quickly from a Bad Mistake at Work by
Authored by: Jim Vassallo