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Some Questions to Ask in Interviews

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What questions should you ask in an interview?

We often think about what questions will be asked of us in an interview, but less often think about what questions we should ask a potential employer. Here are some questions you should ask potential employers during an interview.

  • Find out why the job is open, who had it last, and what happened to him or her. Did he or she get promoted or fired? How many people have held this position in the last couple of years? What happened to them subsequently?
  • Why did the interviewer join the company? How long has he or she been there? What is it about the company that keeps him or her there?
  • To whom would you report? Will you get the opportunity to meet that person?
  • Where is the job located? What are the travel requirements, if any?
  • What type of training is required, and how long is it? What type of training is available?
  • What would your first assignment be?
  • What are the realistic chances for growth in the job? Where are the opportunities for greatest growth within the company?
  • What are the skills and attributes most needed to get ahead in the company?
  • Who will be the company’s major competitor over the next few years? How does the interviewer feel the company stacks up against them?
  • What has been the growth pattern of the company over the last five years? Is it profitable? How profitable? Is the company privately or publicly held?
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