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How to Leave Work for an Interview

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leave work for interview

Summary: Knowing what explanation to offer up as a reason for leaving work to attend an interview for another job can be tricky, so follow these tips.

Leaving your job to attend interviews for other jobs is never something you want to broadcast publicly. Making up doctors’ appointments or taking sick days can feel dishonest, especially when you work for a smaller company. Follow these tips on how to leave work for other job interviews.

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The signs that it is time to quit your job can be numerous: having a horrible boss, being bored, and not growing your skills. All of these show that it is past time to move on. When explaining to your boss that you are looking for a new job, be as vague as possible to avoid getting caught in a lie. Simply say you have an appointment at X time and would like to take time off work if possible. If your boss presses for more information, politely say it is personal.

By establishing the same language for any appointment, there won’t be confusion or any red flags about taking time off work for an interview.

When it comes to your coworkers, don’t bring attention to the fact that you are leaving. Just say you have an appointment if they ask and don’t offer up an explanation.

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Stop worrying about how you are going to take time off work for an interview and focus on the interview and why your current company is not working out for you. If you can figure out a reason as to why you aren’t being considered for a promotion or more responsibilities, then you can avoid the stress of interviewing for a new job all together.



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Authored by: Amanda Griffin