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Financial Careers – How to Succeed in Finance

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The accountants, analysts and CPA’s usually go through enough educational requirements before they find the finance jobs. Now these careers might just be built on a lot of education as well as commitment there are areas of finance which don’t really need any sort of educational requirement which is specialized for entrance in the job market. So if you want to succeed in the finance market then you should know about the different places where you can apply.

Financial Advisors and Stockbrokers

The registered representatives, financial advisors and stockbrokers are like salesmen who are present in the finance industry. Now we’re not demeaning their work but that is what these people do. Once you manage to become a licensed stock broker of any firm you are basically becoming a “phone broker”. Now the top firms actually require a degree for 2 to 4 years before they actually consider hiring you for a job. But then the plus point is that you won’t need a degree which is related to investment or finance. Sometimes the firms which are smaller hire people even if they don’t have a degree. All they look for are brokers who have the drive, the ability to communicate as well as persuade and also the talent.

You will find that a lot of stock brokers who make around $300,000 or even more were merely car salesmen or insurance agents or real estate agents and so on. You can simply take up the training which is an on going one for around 6 months after which one gets to know if he or she is meant to have a financial career or not. But then there is also a downside of this. This is basically the compensation which you are earning. Now this compensation is mostly based on commission or fee. So this career is basically sink or swim so this isn’t apt for each and everyone. Even though the requirements for the jobs here aren’t very high staying in the pond and staying afloat can be quite a challenge.

Mortgage Broker
When people on Wall Street started to lose their jobs since 2000 and years after, the brokers and the advisors started to change their careers to mortgage brokers or mortgage processors. Hence the mortgage finance industry started to flourish. Since the interest rates were low and the economy was also moving at a slow pace the homeowners were looking for ways by which they could take advantage of the equity which were available in their home or they were trying to actually refinance. Hence people who had financial jobs as mortgage brokers actually managed to make a lot of money.

Financial Careers – How to Succeed in Finance by
Authored by: Harrison Barnes