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Must-Do’s for January

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January checklist

Summary: The month of January is full of opportunities to have fun and make your job a more fulfilling place to be each day.

The New Year bells have rung but that doesn’t mean it is too late to start making your plans for the year. Take the entire month of January to ensure that the remainder of your year is awesome and full of productive activities.

Your To Do List:

January 1- Generally we take this day to make our resolutions but take the entire week to make sure your list is what you want it to be. Take a look at all the things you are currently doing and decide if they are helping or hurting your future goals, professionally or not.

January 6- Take time to relax and watch the People’s Choice Awards. Many of the nominees and winners are great sources of inspiration when learning about their struggles and triumphs in their careers.

January 10- Now kick back and watch the Golden Globe Awards show.

January 13- Make Your Dream Come True Day is a great day to make a plan for your own dreams to become reality. While we don’t expect you to make your dreams come true in one day, you can get the balls rolling.

January 18- Martin Luther King Jr. Day can be a day to reflect on his famous words. King gave many inspiring speeches during his lifetime, asking the audience to take on stand for what they believe. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” This day is a perfect day to give back to an organization or group you believe in.

January 19- Did you know it is National Popcorn Day? Have some fun and experiment with other flavors of popcorn.

January 24- Compliment Day is more than just being nice; it is truly complimenting those around you on their hard work and attempts to go above and beyond. If you are a manager, make the day special for your employees by giving them awards to highlight their acknowledged efforts. The same can go if you are the employee – managers need recognition for their hard work too.

January 29- International Fun at Work Day is a chance to loosen up a bit. Perhaps plan a fun lunch at work or short activity for everyone to enjoy but don’t get wild and ditch your duties.

January 30- It is time for another award show – the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

The entire month of January is National Hobby Month so pick up a new hobby that you have dying to try or turn your current hobby into a side hustle.


Must-Do’s for January by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin