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How to Choose the Right Career for You

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Summary: Choosing a career doesn’t have to be difficult. It requires a plan with realistic steps so you can end up happy and satisfied with your career.

In order to choose a career that is right for you, it is essential to have a plan to help you attain everything you need to get into that field. In order to develop a plan, you must first discover who you are and what you are meant to do.

Some of us are satisfied with a stable career, whereas others want the most unique job possible. Some are able to take orders while others may need to be the boss that hands out orders. There are some careers that value the quality of work over pay. Ultimately, we are unique and will have individual career plans. Don’t look to others to decide your career, because there is nothing worse than suffering every day at a job you cannot tolerate. Picking a simple career is perfectly acceptable, as long as it makes you happy.

Interests, personality types, values, talents, and dreams will go a long way in directing you to the right career. We are directed by our hobbies and extracurricular activities into certain types of job markets. They way we learn and the subjects we want to learn about also guide our steps.

The current job market will also play a big part in being able to attain a suitable career. The fastest growing fields are healthcare and technology. The fastest declining job market is postal service workers, clerical workers and textile machine operators. Chances are if you are interested in being a nurse or doctor then you will have very little to worry about when it comes to actually finding a job. However if your dream career is to be a mail carrier, then finding that opening will be much harder.

Keep your dreams realistic. While it isn’t bad to reach for the stars, you need to be able to support the trip there financially and mentally. If becoming a world traveler is your priority, then training to be a flight attendant would be the most realistic path. Keeping reaching for the stars, but have a back-up plan that can allow you to keep reaching in case you fall.

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Authored by: Amanda Griffin