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9 Personalities that No One Wants to Work With

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Summary: There are nine types of personalities that people hate to work with. In order to keep your job, don’t be one of these.

Keeping a job can be difficult if your personality is the type that shuns others or constantly tells co-workers about your mom’s latest doctor visit. Someone that has one of these personalities may be the first to go during layoffs because there is no one to vouch for them. If any of these traits sound like they could be you, then you need to reevaluate how you are treating others at work. Being a team player that gets along with everyone in the office is very important for keeping a long term job with a company.

1. The Loner – This person decides to be antisocial. They do not participate with others or attempt to be a team player. You can tell if you are this personality if you are wearing noise cancelling headphones even without music at work.

2. The Slacker – This person never gets things done on time. They have been caught sleeping at work and cannot be relied on. If you sit with your feet on your desk at any given time then you are a slacker.

3. The Oversharer – This person tells everyone the intimate details of their life. They post awkward things on Facebook and Twitter. If you are the one sitting in the break room constantly telling stories and no one is interested, watch out because you are the oversharer.

4. The Excessive Emailer – This person lives for email. They will CC everybody and Reply All for no reason, packing everyone’s inbox with emails they don’t want. You are this personality if you are constantly checking your phone and computer for new email instead of engaging in anything else.

5. The Naysayer – This person loves to complain but never has a solution. They fill the office with deep, emotional sighs and an Eeyore-like voice. The negativity they bring to work tears everyone down and exhausts any motivation. If you walk around with your shoulders hunched and a bad expression on your face, you may be the naysayer of the office.

6. The Butt Kisser – This person agrees to do anything. They may not get everything done but the boss never minds because they believe the “butt kisser” had a crazy work load. You are this person if you are overly upbeat, always with a grin and giving thumbs up even though you never make a deadline.

7. The Black Hole – This person can never finalize anything. They are always giving feedback on how to change something, resulting in a lot of extra work and overtime for everyone to make the changes. If you show up at meetings with a red pen and change your mind on the direction of the project all the time, then you are the black hole.

8. The Tool – This person loves to work out and will make sure you know it. They are too busy loving themselves to actually contribute to the team and finish any work on time. If you check your reflection in the mirror in between mixing protein shakes then unfortunately you are the tool of the office.

9. The Contrarian – This person always finds a way to contradict what someone says. They will make things up to appear like they know what they are talking about and are unwilling to compromise or collaborate because their way is always best. If someone has ever said that you can be condescending then you may be the contrarian.

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9 Personalities that No One Wants to Work With by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin