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Take Your Elevator Pitch to the Top Floor

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Summary: Create an elevator pitch that is top notch and will place you above the competition.

First impressions make lasting memories that often cannot be changed. Along with appearance and body language, what you say is a big part of how that person remembers their moments with you. When looking for a job, ensuring you make a good first impression is important. An elevator pitch is a key ingredient to your job search.

Data suggests that 93 percent of a person’s judgments of another are formed from non-verbal cues during a face-to-face meeting like body language. Along with this, 38 percent of people determine their impression of others by their tone of voice. What you say is generally not remembered as much as how you look but it is still noted by those forming an opinion of you. Make that opinion a good one.

A good pitch will be catered to its intended audience with direct eye contact. Research who you will be delivering the pitch to, both the company and the actual person. Get specific details about who they are and how that relates to you. Refer to them by their proper name to show you have manners and a sense of professionalism. Doing the work to learn about them will give you more confidence when you deliver the pitch. Eye contact not only portrays confidence but it also shows a level of interest and respect.

When you consider that around one-third of managers know within the first 90 seconds of a conversation with a candidate whether they will hire them or not, you will realize that those first 90 seconds count. Those managers also report that appearance is a sign of whether they want to hire a candidate. Sixty-five percent of managers say the clothes a candidate wears can be the deciding factor between two candidates.

To get your elevator pitch ready you need to do more than just memorize a speech.

Prepare an outline:

Step 1 – List your key strengths and positive qualities.

Step 2 – Why are you interested in the industry or specific organization?

Step 3 – What unique contributions do you bring?

The factor that makes an elevator pitch come off smoothly is practice. You need to practice your pitch numerous times by yourself and to a friend. Having your pitch practices and ready to deliver lets you capitalize on unplanned opportunities.

Common mistakes made when delivering pitch:

  • Lack of eye contact
  • Lack of knowledge about the company, industry, and/or person
  • Lack of smile
  • Weak handshake

Do you think having an elevator pitch is important? Have you ever benefited from using one? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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Take Your Elevator Pitch to the Top Floor by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin