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5 Tips to Help Introverts Network

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Summary: Networking doesn’t always have to be attending social gatherings every weekend. There are ways to do so in a more comfortable way for those that find social interactions difficult.

Getting out and casually socializing with others may be difficult when you are an introvert. Networking relies on being able to connect with others often. Anyone can be capable of finding a way to make networking work for them. You might be surprised at how many people would rather be curled up at home instead of at a party making small talk.

Experts understand the value in forcing themselves to attend social gatherings a few times a month. You need to have a community built around you that can support you when needed and vice versa. Attendance at social gatherings will expose you to new things, allow you to meet people that inspire you, and to build your personal brand. There are a few ways to build up to this level of social interaction.

  1. Be consistent – Go to the same place every day or week at the same time. You can build up a familiarity of other people that do the same thing. Hitting up a coffee shop every morning on your way to work is a great way to implement this plan. Seeing the same people each day turn the routine smile into a polite conversation, and can eventually lead to a stronger relationship that benefits both parties.
  2. Get physical Exercise classes are a great way to get familiar with others. There isn’t anything that will get you more comfortable with others than sweating together. Suggest hitting up a smoothie place after the workout as a way of connecting with others in the class.
  3. Follow your friends – There are apps that can alert you whenever friends attend events on Facebook. Knowing that someone you know is also attending an event can help you work up the courage to also attend.
  4. Hit up Twitter – Twitter is an easy way to make new friends. You can tweet with the event hashtag and meet other attendees from the comfort of your computer. You can also engage in conversations with other Twitter users that share interests by retweeting their tweets, responding to their tweet, or sharing their blog posts.
  5. Get involved in the community – Volunteering is a simple way to use your talent and time to meet other like-minded people that share interests and values. Volunteering is also a great way to give back to an organization you are passionate about. Networking and being involved in the community go hand in hand.


5 Tips to Help Introverts Network by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin