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5 TED Talks to Help You Network

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TED talks

Summary: Networking is a critical part of being successful in any career. Whether it is already easy for you or a skill that needs work, use these TED talks to improve.

Whether you are an introvert or not, easily speaking with strangers can be a struggle. Unfortunately for your career, being able to interact effortlessly with anyone is a necessity if you want to be successful. The transformation won’t take place overnight but making a continual effort will allow you to develop the skill to converse with anyone. Watch these five TED talks to get you started.

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“How to Have a Good Conversation” by Celeste Headlee

With experience in public radio as a reporter, host, and correspondent since 1999, Headlee has made speaking with others her career. Her lesson in the talk is that a great conversation has a balance of talking and listening.

“Talk to Strangers” by Danny Harris

As an internationally known storyteller, Harris has to have a way with conversation. His talk discusses how simple acts of kindness and conversations have helped him build deep connections.

“The Surprising Secret to Speaking With Confidence” by Caroline Goyder

Goyder uses an unusual prop in her talk as she explains that our voices are an instrument that we can use to find our development.

“Why You Should Take to Strangers” by Aliya Dossa

As an economics student, Dossa’s class project was to have 101 conversations with total strangers in 101 days. This task forced her to learn about the dynamics of human interaction and trust.

“How to Engage in Better Small Talk” by Malcom “Minister Faust” Azania

Azania, a radio host and life-long storyteller, has spent decades interviewing people. Asking unique questions leads to the best conversations full of revelations and interesting stories.

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Authored by: Amanda Griffin