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Tips to Keep in Mind When Searching for a Job

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Summary: When your job search isn’t going well, keep these tips in mind to make sure you are maximizing all your potential opportunities.

Job searching is never a fun thing to do. The everyday routine of combing through listings in hopes that something new has been posted that you qualify for gets exhausting. Applying for job after job without getting anywhere can be frustrating but by remaining positive and staying busy, achieving your goal of landing a job will keep getting closer. We have some other tips to help you get through the process.

Always be improving – While job searching, be actively attending seminars and taking classes that can enhance your skills. With new skills to add to your resume, you can keep updating it and making it stand out more.

Forget the money – Yes, money is important but don’t let it control your motivations. Scams lure those only focused on money by advertising the job as “make thousands each week”. Isn’t a paying job better than nothing at all?

Follow-up – Don’t be afraid to check in with the companies you have applied for. Some companies have long application processes so before writing them off, follow-up to make sure they aren’t still going through the applications for the position. There is also a possibility that they end up filling more than one position with the applications.

Be on time – Don’t just give yourself enough time to slip in the door for the interview, give yourself time to arrive at the office and relax before your interview.

Stay organized – Use a system that allows you to keep track of what jobs and companies you apply to, which ones you followed-up with, and other notes to remember during your job search.

Stay updated – Keep your cover letter, resume, and online profiles up-to-date. If you still aren’t getting calls for interviews, try a new format for your resume.


Tips to Keep in Mind When Searching for a Job by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin