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The Perfect Employee

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perfect employee

Summary: Use the characteristics of the perfect employee to discover areas that you can improve in yourself.

The perfect employee could exist, although it is very unlikely. However, the traits that the perfect employee would have are still something to take note of and develop in ourselves. Here is the perfect employee:

  • They have a million dollar smile with no hint of being fake.
  • They wear a Bluetooth headset to ensure they never miss an important sales call.
  • They keep a well-groomed haircut and style.
  • They bike to work no matter what the weather is like so that there are more parking spots for others.
  • They vouch for management when others may be complaining.
  • They have sweet air-guitar skills when singing karaoke at company parties.
  • They are a certified printer technician or at least have a way of always being able to fix the printer.
  • They want to memorize the training manual.
  • Not only do they wash their own dishes, they wash everyone else’s in the sink.
  • They bring a sack lunch that has no foods with overwhelming odors inside.
  • They wear sneakers so that they can get to the printer to fix it before someone else can throw it out the window and so they can get around the office faster.
  • They often bring treats for everyone in the office to enjoy.
  • They always have a coffee mug to spare.
  • They are prepared with tools for any project.
  • They ride a Segway to office meetings so they can maximize their time working.
  • Their business casual outfits allow them to be ready to get their hands dirty while still looking professional.
  • They keep a family picture in their shirt pocket or on their desk at all times.

While not all of these traits are realistic, they describe what everyone wishes their co-workers would be more like. The perfect employee is prepared and willing to do what it takes to get the job done, even if that job is keeping the office kitchen clean for others to use.



The Perfect Employee by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin