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7 Signs That a Company Is Not Worth It

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bad work environment

Summary: Bad companies are like a poison that you don’t want to be part of. Do your research and check these warnings signs to make sure you are joining a good company.

Have you ever taken a job and then wondered how you didn’t see all the signs now screaming at you that the place is bad. There is a bad environment between employees and employers and the overall culture of the workplace is like poison. Read over these warning signs before taking a job or, if you already have, so that you can be prepared with what to expect in the future.

  1. Interviewer badmouths the company – Nothing can be clearer that you don’t want to work for this company as the first impression of walking into the interview and listening to them complain. The interviewer may not be openly complaining but may instead be using negative words such as “really long hours” or “not a great pay.”
  2. Interviewer is an egomaniac – Did you spend your entire interview listening to the interviewer talk about themselves? An interview is about assessing your skills not the interviewers.
  3. Interviewer is late – While it is understandable that the interviewer may be busy and run a few minutes late for your interview, they should apologize for being late and only keep you waiting a few minutes without notifying you. A complete lack of respect from the interviewer is a bad sign.
  4. Employees badmouth the company – Did you do your research on the company before accepting the job? If you did, you should have come across reviews from past or current employees on sites like Glassdoor. These reviews are a simple way to get a better idea of what the culture at the company is like.
  5. The company’s finances are looking down – Once again, if you do your research before you will learn about the recent happenings at the company. Look for the position that their stocks are in, if any major layoffs have happened, downsizing, or if they have lost big clients. These signs represent the overall health of the company’s future.
  6. Relationship between employees is unfriendly – Observe the interactions between employees while you are waiting for your interview and walking around the office. When employees do not acknowledge each other or the boss, you should be concerned about the interpersonal dynamics at the company.
  7. Office walls are covered in rules – A company that relies on and forces pages of rules is not a place you want to work.

Just remember that negativity is contagious. Working for a negative company will translate into your attitude and personal life being negative.


7 Signs That a Company Is Not Worth It by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin