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What’s Important in a Job?

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Summary: The actual salary is not the only factor to consider when taking a job offer for a new job.

Money can buy happiness for some people. According to The Society for Human Resource Management, nearly 60 percent of those polled value personal growth or advancement opportunities in a job. With such a high number of employees indicating they value growth the most, the salary tag of a job is not always the most important thing. A number of other factors beyond the salary should be considered when searching for a job.

What factors should be considered besides the salary when accepting a job offer? Making a leap to a new job requires an intense examination of what you will get out of the company and what you will be giving up. Sometimes comprising on the salary is worth it when the other benefits are rewarding. Weigh your options accordingly.


  • Does the company offer a relocation package?
  • How much will your commute change?
  • Are internal relocations possible within the company?
  • When moving to a new area, what is the cost of living in that area?


  • What training is offered with the job?
  • Does the company provide tuition help for professional programs?
  • Does the job utilize your skills and encourage the development of more?


  • How do the different departments interact?
  • What parts of the company culture are the most enjoyable?
  • Consider what you look for in a company – big vs. small, structured vs. innovative


  • How much time-off is available?
  • Are flextime or telecommuting option available?
  • Is there a healthy work/life balance?
  • What free benefits are included in the salary?
  • What typical benefits are included, which are additional?
  • How else are employees supported?


  • What health insurance options are offered?
  • Are fitness plans offered?
  • Is the employer invested in your wellbeing?
  • Do they encourage health programs?

Do you think money is the most important part of a job offer? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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Authored by: Amanda Griffin