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The Transition to a New Career is Full of Choices

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I love my job

Summary: The risk of seeking a new, more fulfilling career can be made more simple by changing one choice at a time until you are sitting in that new position of happiness.

How many of us go through each day unsatisfied and unhappy with our work? We may be telling ourselves that we will give our job one more week, month, or year until making a change but then never making that change? Searching for a new job and changing careers is not something anyone looks forward to but if the outcome can leave us doing something we are passionate about then isn’t that initial headache worth it?

While it is understandable that jobs will have aspects that we may not enjoy, the overall daily functions should be something we care about and enjoy. If you struggle with knowing what that job may be, experiment by job shadowing or conducting professional interviews to look into several potential interests.

With only 27 percent of college grads having a job related to their major, our society doesn’t hold us to just one job or career anymore. There are opportunities waiting for us at every turn so that when life doesn’t go exactly like we plan, we can keep going on.

Take a good long hard look at where you want to be in five or ten years. Sacrifices in the short term will be worth it if you will be happy in the long run. The fear of taking that leap towards a happier future can’t hold you back from greatness.

When you sit back and look at everything as a choice, you will be able make the necessary changes. Making one choice differently than before may not seem like a big deal but that one choice can help set you on the path to a new fulfilling career.

The transition to a new career will fall into place with each choice that you make. Just remember that you decide your destiny. There is no lack of resources and help to get your where you want to be.


The Transition to a New Career is Full of Choices by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin