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Fashion Editor Jobs Are Hard to Find So Look at Your Options

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Summary: The fashion industry has several different careers that might be a better fit for you than a fashion editor. Consider your other interests and talents before choosing a career.

Not everyone can be a fashion editor. While many of us dream of a career that mixes fashion without being the one to do the sewing, fashion editing jobs are hard to come by. Only a few magazines have fashion editors on staff and with the more reputable magazines, their editors have been with the magazines for a long almost their entire careers. You likely don’t know that they are other career options in the fashion industry so before you go all into a hard field, make sure you explore the other options first.

Social Media Manager- Just about every retailer, brand, and publication has a social media department now that markets their products and content. If you have an interest in social media and are able to mix creativity with analytics then try this career out.

Fashion Copywriter- This career has many of the same requirements as an editor. You can expect to work for retailers, advertising agencies, and brands by writing compelling descriptions, commercials, company collateral, and ads. Another bonus to this career is that they can earn twice as much as an editor.

Personal Shopper- This job is perfect for someone that loves to shop and knows their styles. They solve problems for their clients by creating stylish solutions for people of all shapes and sizes while working within their budget and personal taste. A personal shopper is often a therapist that helps clients overcome body image issues and build confidence for upcoming events.

Trend Forecaster- This career blends fashion with art, consumerism, travel, and culture to identify what trends will appear before they are in stores or on the streets. You have to do a lot of research and have a good intuition.

Sustainability Expert- For those that have a passion for the environment as well as fashion, this career is a great match. They are responsible for knowing eco-friendly, fair trade methods to keep brands competitive with the market.


Fashion Editor Jobs Are Hard to Find So Look at Your Options by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin