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Best and Worst Ways to End a Professional Email

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Summary: While the results of the best and worst ways to end an email are not surprising, they are still fun to read through.

Email has become a primary method of communication for work and personal life. You correspond with your boss, the IT guy, coworkers, your best friend, family members, customer service, and so many more each day. The words you use in these emails make a big difference depending on who it is going to. Based on a survey by LEVO, they found the best and worst ways to end a work email, so take note to make sure your sign-offs aren’t falling in the worst category.

Top 5 Best Ways to End an Email

  1. Best/Thank you: These two options were the top preferred ways to end an email with each earning 20 percent of the votes.
  2. Regards: It may seem odd that this option earned 19 percent of the votes, but it is a formal and respectful way to sign-off.
  3. Thanks: Casual, simple, and short. This option gained 18 percent of the vote. Be careful how you use this one and make sure it doesn’t sound like a passive-aggressive response.
  4. Sincerely: The votes drop here with this option only gathering 8 percent. Perhaps it is too old-fashioned and formal for the younger generations.


Top 2 Worst Ways to End an Email

  1. XO: With 92 percent of the votes, this is clearly not a way to end a professional email.
  2. Thanks so much and Warmly: These two options split the remainder of the votes for the worst ways to end an email.

How do you end your work emails?


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin