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Embrace the New Workstyle

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Summary: Not only have the types of employees changed, but the workstyle has also changed to embrace technologies and use open communications.

With new technologies changing the way we are able to perform our jobs and serve clients, the way business was done has changed from even ten years ago. We may be more critical of how we work, how we communicate, and collaborate but the new workstyle is more efficient, productive, and fun.

The old workstyle featured a lack of trust in employees, whereas now, 68 percent of managers say they trust workers that have a flexible schedule to be as productive as those working traditionally in the office.

The new workstyle focuses on efficiency, with 49 percent of managers thinking the workplace is hit with too much information since the old workstyle was continually overloaded with emails and meetings.

The new workstyle is filled with apps and other technology that make working remotely possible and even preferred for some companies. Managers are seeing an importance in allowing employees to work flexible hours since it makes many more productive.

Previously, employees carried an attitude of “not my job” whereas now, employees are eager to attain the knowledge, skills, and tools to accomplish more tasks at work. Results are every important for a company to stay successful. The new workstyle is about being mobile, trusting, authentic, connected, self-sufficient, virtual, engaged, productive, balanced, curious, offline-driven, social, kinetic, diverse, generous, action-oriented, customized, focused, and inspired.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin