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How to Provide Employees with an Effective Performance Review

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performance review

Summary: Performance reviews give an opportunity for employees and managers to sit down and work together to achieve personal and company goals.

Performance evaluations are an important part of being an effective leader and manager. In order for employees to understand where they stand in the company, they need these reviews to learn what they are doing well and what they need to improve upon.

The process may not always be exciting or something worth looking towards, but it needs to happen. With the right attitude, it won’t be so bad. By planning and setting measurable goals and objective performance standards, the process will go more smoothly.

Define expectations

  • State what is expected of the employee
  • Employees need to know what their duties, skills, and knowledge requirements are
  • Make goals that are measurable and observable

Create goals

  • Discuss goals with the employee
  • Provide resources necessary for achieving goals such as training, staffing, materials, equipment, and operating procedures
  • Obtain their agreement and signature

Give written explanations

  • To be given every six months to discuss performance
  • When employees are struggling, meet more often
  • Make sure the written performance reviews reflect the entire evaluation period

Maintain a performance record

  • Make notes throughout the year
  • Praise and correct performance both in person and in writing

Ensure integrity of the evaluation

  • Make sure things are factual, constructive, and detailed
  • Performance criteria should not be changed after a review
  • Evaluations should stay on point with measures being defined


How to Provide Employees with an Effective Performance Review by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin