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How to Successfully Work with Family Members

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Summary: Here are five tips to help you survive working with family members in a traditional work environment.

More and more small businesses and startups involve family members working together to build-up a company or multiple ones. With the relationship between family and co-workers mixed, it can be hard to draw the line to keep things professional at work and personal at home. Here are some tips to help you work with your family members.

– Draw the line

Separating family time from business time can be hard but it is essential. The easiest way to do this is to say to your family member that you need them to be family member providing support at that time or to be your colleague helping you make a business decision.

– Make time outside work for family

Make a time every week that is just for family time. The conversation should never be about work but focused on your personal connection as family members.

– Delegate conversations

There are some conversations that you may need to delegate to other members of the company that are not family such as negotiations over money. This will help preserve your personal relationship.

– Be considerate

Some conversations with your family members can come off as bossy. You may be just giving advice but it may appear like you are trying to be in charge. Approach conversations from a collaborative place like you guys are working together.

– Family comes first

Disagreements are more emotionally charged because you have known your family members their entire lives compared to your average co-workers. Let things cool off before trying to handle the argument so that you can keep your relationship as family intact. Remembering this will help the disagreements get solved easily and tactfully.


How to Successfully Work with Family Members by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin