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Travel Around Colorado from Town to Town

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Colorado art ranch

Summary: Visual artists and writers are able to spend one month in a Colorado town, focusing on the theme of the program that involves the land and social issues of the state.

A “nomadic” lifestyle for one month around Colorado may be just what you need to understand the needs of the state’s land and social issues. The Colorado Art Ranch residency travels from town to town, establishing temporary hubs in some Colorado cities like Steamboat Springs, Salida, and Durango. Artists and scientists come together to focus on issues for one month of free accommodation at whatever location the residency is located.

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The goal of the program is to change the way people think for the last ten years. They believe that bringing the arts and sciences together will better address any environmental and social issues. The assumption is that logic will meet imagination, theory will meet experience, and inspiration will become innovation. Those that join their goal – thinkers, artists, event hosts, donors, volunteers, everyday creatives, and residents – are the ones paving the way for the vision to continue through the future.

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Writers and visual artists are encouraged to apply for the artist residency no matter what their level of experience may be. They are typically only able to accommodate artists involved in painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, performance, ceramics, eco-arts, and mixed-media.

There are themes of the season that the artists and writers are asked to follow. They are given a living and studio space for one month but are responsible for food, travel, and any other fees on their own. Bathrooms and cooking facilities are also shared.

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A panel of board members and the creative director choose the artists. Those that show that they are currently working or will be working on the programs theme at that time are given special preference.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin