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Get Introduced to New Delhi’s Art

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New Delhi

Summary: The historical art of India is promoted through this international art residency program in New Delhi.

The Sanskriti Foundation residency in New Delhi, India promotes traditional Indian arts and culture through the Museum of Everyday Arts of India, Museum of Indian Terracotta, and the Museum of Indian Textiles. They encourage scholars and artists to apply, even encouraging group projects. By being selected, you will receive meals and the ability to use the facilities but you must pay for your own housing and travel costs.

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The available facilities at the Museums include a research center, ceramics center, gallery, and amphitheater so that most artistic styles are covered. The length of stay is up to the artist. They can apply to stay for twenty days up to six months. The residency takes place from September to April.

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To apply, you must submit a digitally scanned passport size photo, description of your project, a letter of application, curriculum vitae, and examples of your work. Visual artists can provide slides, photos, video, or discs. Writers and scholars can submit a short story, poem, chapter, or research paper. For those not from India, you must be able to obtain a visa and passport for the entire length of your stay. The costs of accommodations at the center are $55 per day or $100 per day for two if you decide to work with another artist.

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Artists come from all over the world to participate is this opportunity. The last residency group included artists from Australia, USA, UK, Greece, Italy, India, and more.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin