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Get That Dream Job without the Right Experience

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Summary: Many of your dream jobs may require years of experience that you won’t have if changing careers, so find other ways to prove you are a great candidate.

The thought of giving everything you know up to change to a new career at any stage of your life is terrifying. The lack of experience you have in the new field may make you think landing a good job is impossible but we are here to tell you it isn’t. Follow these steps to make the transition possible.

Discover what “perfect” is for the company

Every company has their idea of the perfect employee so do a little research to understand what the company you are interested in is expecting. Take the job description for the position and turn it into your dream job. Ask someone in the industry how they would prioritize the skills listed on the description so that you can know where to focus your efforts.

Build a strong foundation

Now that you have an idea of what skills the company and even industry expects someone in this position to have, you can start working towards having those skills. The process may take time so be prepared to put in the effort. You may be able to learn the skills by reading books or taking a class may be a necessity.

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Gain real world experience

You can gain real world experience in other ways besides working full-time in the industry. Try starting a side gig to pick up experience or volunteer. Side gigs are a great option to show you know the skill plus can manage time effectively.

See Benefits to Taking on a Side-Hustle.

Once you finished these three steps, you are ready to start applying. Jobs may have a minimum number of years of experience but you can still apply if you haven’t met that number yet. Ultimately companies are looking for employees that can help increase revenue and the bottom line. As long as you can prove that you can accomplish that for the company then you will be a competitive candidate.


Get That Dream Job without the Right Experience by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin