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ThoughtWorks Has Job Listings in 12 Countries

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Summary: There are plenty of jobs waiting for you across the world in 12 different countries with global technology company ThoughtWorks.

Global technology company ThoughtWorks has developed 34 offices in 12 countries since being founded in Chicago in 1993. The countries include Brazil, Singapore, India, Germany, China, Canada, Turkey, South Africa, Ecuador, and the UK. They are a community of passionate, purpose-led individuals that seek to work with others from the social, commercial, and government sectors with the same ambitions.

General Assembly Places Education First

ThoughtWorks sets up smart teams to work with clients in solving their challenges for custom software. They strive to revolutionize software creation, design, and delivery while also advocating for positive social change. They have roughly 3,600 employees to help them accomplish this. The company does everything from writing books, running events, blogging, championing open source, and talking at conferences to get the word out about what they are doing.

Be a Part of the Team Making Presentations Fun

The rules of the company are: do the right thing; attitude, aptitude and integrity; solidarity over charity; service to others and society over self; serve holistic goals over achieving targets; curiosity, creativity and passion; personal and organizational transparency; fail fast and publish our mistakes; no jerks; intolerant of intolerance; and high values alignment, loosely coupled.

CA Technologies Has No Shortage of Benefits

They offer a special program called ThoughtWorks University which is geared towards recent graduates becoming entry-level consultants. The program takes place in India where you spend five weeks with other ThoughtWorkers from across the globe. It is an intensive, hands-on experience where you learn how to build software that works. There are specific requirements depending on what region of the country you are from or desire to work in.

Some of the employee benefits beyond the typical include credit towards cell phone, home internet, commuting, health insurance, health and wellness, and training books and courses.


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Authored by: Amanda Griffin