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General Assembly Places Education First

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General Assembly

Summary: General Assembly is looking for mostly instructors to teach their variety of classes and workshops but, like any company, there are other positions in all their offices worldwide.

A vision of a global community of individuals empowered to pursue the work they love is a big goal that General Assembly is not afraid to take on. This educational institution strives to accomplish this vision by growing a community by transforming a generation of thinkers into creators. They offer full-time, part-time, immersive programs, long-form courses, and classes and workshops on a variety of skills important for the 21st century. The types of classes offered by General Assembly include web development, business fundamentals, data science, digital marketing, product management, and user experience design.

General Assembly has locations in New York, Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, San Francisco, Seattle, Singapore, Sydney, and Washington D.C. Each location provides different learning opportunities for clients to pursue when learning new skills for fun or for a career change.

The New York office is the headquarters and founding place. There they need individuals in admissions, business development, curriculum development, technology & engineering, audience development/marketing, human resources, design, finance, enterprise, GPR, online, legal & regulatory, product, and staff instructors.

The Hong Kong office is looking for an admissions producer, front lines associate, and staff instructors for mobile development, user experience design immersive, digital marketing, web development immersive, and UX design.

The best benefits that employees brag about are the health insurance and retirement. Many of the positions at General Assembly are part time so benefits are not necessarily included. They do offer for the full-time positions maternity and paternity leave, a 401(k) plan, stock options, performance bonus, ability to work from home, paid holidays, vacation and paid time off, sick days, employee discount, mobile phone discount, social events, commuter assistance, gym membership, and a pet friendly workplace.


General Assembly Places Education First by
Authored by: Amanda Griffin